Office life..

Oh Nooo...i had gained weight during my office life...
just keep sit and ate my dinner late...
i should control myself from now..>.<

Now left than 1 month time that i stay at LPO...
i think i will miss those seniors and my manager..
they treat me nice and willing to teach me alot of things..
especially Mr Aw..He like to asked me help him settle queries with our accounting depr., outsider accountant and asked me called client to confirmed somethings...
at first i really had no dare to call client and he keep said you can do it..just do it..
after that i just know that he want to train me dare to face client...
he want me to be strong and independent...Thanks alot Mr. Aw...

today is 5/8/2012...
London Olympic Men's Single Gold Medal Match for Badminton today!
Hope LCW can get the Gold Medal back to Msia...
Must support him tonight!


the time flies so fast..
currently i had been work around for 2 months +..
I'm great that i had know these seniors and colleagues..

and today feel happy that i saw my name appear in the confirmation mail..
ytd i still unbelievable that i had booked ticket to Taiwan..

today cw just sent me the mail..
so i just 'wake up' that im in the reality...XD
so exciting and waiting for the trip coming...^^


CNY was PAST...>.<

Hello my friends!
I had disappear from my bloggy for a long time period ady..
Not because of i ignored it..
It just because of i had no time to updated my bloggy..
Btw, 2 more days will be my 1st final exam paper for this trimester..
i had started my revision during Chu5 of the CNY...
actually really stressful + suffering during study and revision..
especially at this time of period - CNY period..
But we have no choices..
No matter how dislike we are..
I still need study hard for this trimester final.
I wish to increases my cgpa..

The time flies so fast..
I will Intern start from next month..
Total intern for 6 months..
This also means that i need to leave my course-mates for around 8 months time (+ the holidays after intern..)
This really make me sad..
And i also gonna leave the B1-6-8 soon..
i will really reluctant to leave all my housemates..>.<
But have no choices too..
I gonna Miss You Guys!!!!

Okay...until here 1st...
Had already spend some times in here..
Gonna to continue my study...
Wish all the MMU-ians GOOD LUCK in their exam...


Shit la YOU!!!

Eat Shit la YOU!!
KNS betul...
I really hated this kind of person!
Only know to complained others!
But do not know that herself/himself also like a shit!
Do not know reflect anymore!


Midterm test + assignment..

Having 2 midterm test on this week..
Wednesday and Thursday...
I really have no confident for the both subjects...
I also having 2 assignment in hand..
PSA need present on this Friday..
Taxation need submit on next Wednesday...>.<
Although PSA's assignment almost done...
But the Taxation assignment really make me faint..
I just had done 6 cases during last weekends...
~kinda feel like to bang wallll~
The midterm test, i had no really concentrate to study it...
~bang walll again~...


unbalanced mind

ishhh..unbalanced mind after i knew those thing...>.<

Btw, i hope the life will become more easier...
nothing troublesome happen to me!
no need to think, worry and care so much...

December now!
few more days, i will officially 21 years old..
I wish that everything will be smooth...
I hope will be better in coming year~2012~...



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